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IVIP9 online casino Singapore is the pioneer in the gambling industry. The Singaporen population who loves to play wagering games does know the name quite well. It is also known as IVIP9 and is equally famous all over the world.

It was designed to have an authentic casino experience with live dealers and games without leaving their homes. IVIP9 Casino is dedicated to providing you with the best live online casino experience possible.

IVIP9 Online Casino games have used cutting-edge technologies to provide you with an immediate online, immersive, and healthy casino experience.

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IVIP9’s History

IVIP9 Casino ensures the safety of all players. It offers them a good and secure gaming experience in a pleasant and clean atmosphere of high quality. Their help is easy, but players in the group can easily reach out to the workers if needed. IVIP9 casino delivers an equal and open gaming atmosphere to all players.

They keep a list of all your gameplay history. You can access all of your past records. They are a partner of Asia Gaming, a well-known and popular online Casino Singapore. It is one of the most leading online casinos in Singapore dedicated to providing most online games on Android and iOS.

Our Mission

We are pretty clear that we want to provide the level of entertainment to our online visitors that no one is providing in the industry. Working with the best developers in the industry to catch up with the industry's latest trends and provide our customers the best user experience.

Providing uniformity to everyone who visits and joins our casino. We want to impact our users significantly with an eye-catching and convenient user interface, entertainment, the best content, and the best operation.

Our Vision


On the IVIP9 platform, you get to play many of your favorite games on the go. The games on the IVIP9 are both available on iOS and Android platforms. You can simply download them on the download page. There are more android games than there are on iOS. Checking through the list of both available games for download.

You would figure there are 9 games for the android category, and there are only 6 in the iOS category. You can also scan the game's QR code to get started. Playing online casino games on the go has never been this easy.

The user interface here makes it extremely simple to determine which casino games you want to play. In reality, the list of games and partners available on the homepage is one of the first things you're likely to notice about online casino IVIP9.

If you love playing online casinos, you will undoubtedly enjoy the IVIP9 casino app. The IVIP9 online casino app is available for both Android and iOS. You will play on the go regardless of which smartphone app you have.


The IVIP9 online casino Singapore is convenient to work with and access due to a very smooth user interface. The game selection panel is right on top, where you'd see various games and app developers. One of the most robust features of the website's user interface is how quickly websites and casino games launch. Yeah, online menus and links are well-designed and simple to use.

This is where the IVIP9 gambling platform comes in handy. Like a trustworthy online casino, we only collaborate with reputable developers. Such as Play n go, Toptrend gaming, spade gaming, Asian gaming, Playtech, pragmatic play, CMD368, 918kiss, Evolution gaming, and micro gaming, among several others.

There are numerous online casinos in Singapore available on the internet. Some are absolutely exceptional. They have great offers and a wide array of game styles. Still, some advertising-filled sites are usually very questionable. Naturally, you are pessimistic about finding a playable website.


You can also find some of the most exclusive mobile casino gaming opportunities here. IVIP9 has live dealer games that feel like you're betting in a real casino. You'll be able to play blackjack, roulette, and baccarat with live dealers. There are a lot of green spaces. Many of the most common slot titles are available, with some promising considerable jackpots to the lucky winners.

We advise that you play responsibly as gambling can be highly addictive. You should not chase your wins. You must be 18+ to register. We believe in fair play and equal opportunity for everyone. Every online visitor from any corner of the world is equally respectable for us.


You should be confident that you are within experienced hands. We collaborate with other reputable Singapore online casinos to demonstrate our commitment to proving that IVIP9 is a legitimate source. Singapore's online casinos include 918kiss and mega888. IVIP9 is also a licensed platform where you can be sure that our activities are regulated.

accepts a wide variety of payment methods, including many online casinos. Deposits and deposits should be processed as soon as possible. The quicker you can make a deposit or a withdrawal, the sooner you can start playing and making more money.

Players or operators may use trusted payment methods such as Paytrust, EeziePay, and Help2Pay. A player's money in their IVIP9 real money account can also be saved for potential use. Payments into and out of the system are straightforward and quick.

Why Many Players Prefer IVIP9?

Choosing IVIP9 is the most suitable and in favor of every gambler who wants to avoid scams, enjoy games and gambling, get lucky with the promotions, and ease deposit and withdrawal. These features are available IVIP9 for every user that signs in and comes to play online over this best online casino in Singapore.

Not to mention the state of the art website and mobile application for both iOS and Android platforms. At this online casino, you can be sure that you are partnered up with the very best. To provide visitors with an excellent user experience, IVIP9 works with the world's in-trend and experienced software, games, and app developers.

Four Key Features For Which You Should Choose IVIP9 in Singapore:

- Promotions

The promotions on the IVIP9 website are updated every other day. There is not a single day when you do not see a new promo and bonus opportunity here. Some of the constant promotions are Welcome bonus, birthday bonus, VIP bonus, etc.

- Trustworthy

Security is the primary concern of gamblers who deposit their hard-earned money to the casino account. IVIP9 is the most trustworthy casino right now of all, which is operated in Singapore. Your money and earnings through wagering are safe with us and ready to withdraw at any point in time.

- Customer Service

Our spot-on customer support staff is well trained and experienced in serving the industry. They are more than happy to assist you in case of queries and any concerns. They are available 24/7 for you.

- Games

The gaming options are innumerable with IVIP9, either online or offline. You will never get bored with the games on the list that keeps updating. Apart from that, live dealers and casino games are there for your gambling entertainment as well.

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